Alive Experience

An up-tempo, remix-heavy and electro classic set based off the ALIVE 2007 album perfect for any club.

To include:

  • Around the world
  • Make Love
  • Steam Machine
  • Robot Rock
  • Get Lucky
  • The Prime Time Of Your Life
  • Television Rules The Nation
  • Crescendolls
  • Da Funk
  • Human After All
  • Alive
  • One More Time
  • Among many other classic and recent Daft Punk tracks…



Corporate Experience

A more organic and light-hearted disco/funk set based of the new Random Access Memories album ideal for any corporate event.

To include:

  • Give Life Back to Music
  • The Game of Love
  • Giorgio by Moroder
  • Within
  • Instant Crush
  • Lose Yourself to Dance
  • Get Lucky
  • Beyond
  • Motherboard
  • Fragments of Time
  • Doin’ It Right
  • Contact
  • Plus a few classic disco/funk surprises…