Give Life Back to Xmas

Daft Punk Tribute Xmas Facebook Offer: €100 discount

Daft Punk Tribute Xmas Facebook Offer: €100 discount

Unfortunately Christmas parities can tend to consist of nothing more than small talk with senior partners, avoiding the accounting department like the plague, talking new iOS update with the IT crowd and, through all this, doing your very best not to win the title of Drunkest associate…

Well not this year!

If you are organising this years Christmas Party and feel the punch bowl could do with an extra shot of something more than vodka, look no further than Europe’s Premier Daft Punk Tribute

New Xmas Comes Early Offer:  €1oo Discount

See below for the offer itself, a preview mix of their exclusive new remix set as well as a brief video of their recent tour to Russia.

Facebook Offer:

Soundcloud Mix:

CALL: +353 (1) 201 3660


*Offer to expire 31st Dec 13*