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Daft Punk tribute have been performing and touring since 2012. The duos first major showpiece was at the event industry awards Dublin summer 2012. Daft Punk Tribute have come a long way since those early days in Dublin to recently touring China and playing regular shows in the electronic music capital of the world “Berlin”. Daft Punk tributes ethos is to “bring the Party” no matter where or what the event is, while remaining loyal to the underground sound of the French electronic duo, always pushing the envelope to make the live preferences exciting, energetic and sonically breathtaking especially for the daft punk fan who “hears” the detail in the music that is specific to daft punk tribute.

Daft Punk Tribute are famed for their live performances which have been described as being so close in its sound that it's hard to determine whether or not its the actual French duo who’s playing the set. (Daft punk Tribute and Berlin super club Sisyphos fooled the Berlin Hipsters into believing that Daft Punk were actually playing a dj set in their club Sept 2016..links to the media reports and reviews which went viral and pics are listed in the media section below.)

Daft Punk Tribute’s set is based around the tracks of the original music of Daft Punk.
Daft Punk Tributes sound has evolved over the last 6 years into something rather special. The guys play their live set to suit the broader audience, but at the same time can still appeal to the most dedicated Daft Punk aficionado. This approach to the music and attention to detail is what sets Daft Punk Tribute apart from other punk tribute acts , their currant set has developed into a musical journey which winds its way through 80s electro and on to that clinical house sound which made Daft Punks famous onto the intense disco driven basslines, to the darker and tougher techno angles which the French duo are famous for producing…Daft Punk tribute do not shy away from nor dilute that pure sound that is true to the innovators of the most popular electronic music of the 21st century.

Our set posses its own energy and momentum which needs to be experienced live.

We take pride in mixing our set in a style which we can call our own, this style which stems from its origins of the rave/club culture sound of the early 90s underground scene in Dublin which is also hosted the young Parisian duo when they preformed a Dj set at the temple of sound Dublin night club 1996 which was Daft Punks First and only Irish DJ SET  Performed by the duo .


Alive Experience

DJ Package

2x DJs in full costume playing tracks from Homework to RAM.

An upbeat, organic and refined house-influenced mix of all Daft Punk’s hits through the years.

Add B2B DJ Set

Option to add Back-to-Back DJ Sets — either opening or closing for the Daft Punk Tribute.

1-hour B2B House Set Performed by Daft Punk Tribute DJs: Dave McDonnell & Mark Toal-Lennon.


Corporate Experience

DJ Package

2x DJs in full costume playing playing a corporate-friendly set.

Light-hearted disco/funk mix of all Daft Punk’s hits, incorporating a number of classic disco hits.

Add B2B DJ Set

Same as in Alive Experience.

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet with the costumed duo for pre and post-set photo opportunities with all guests.

Visual Accompaniment

Accompanying synced visuals: videos to be played on projector/screens with set.


Your Own Experience

Choose Set

Choose between The Hits Collection (House Mix) and Corporate-Friendly Set (Disco/Funk Mix).

Add B2B DJ Set

Same as in Alive Experience.

Add Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet with the costumed duo for pre and post-set photo opportunities with all guests.

Visual Accompaniment

Accompanying synced visuals: videos to be played on projector/screens with set.

Add Lighting Effects

Add Headphone Disco

News and Testimonials

Below are the links to various reviews and media generated by our appearance and performance at Sisyphos sept 2016 at the Berlin clubs non Birthday Party celebration on Unification Day.

We managed to create a bit of a media explosion across Europe and America.. 

This story went viral and really set us up for many cool shows to follow.

Daft Punk Tribute Testimonials and Reviews

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UK - Review - Daft Punk Tribute DJs | 10th March | Stadium of Light Sunderland | Sergio Petrucci 


It was absolutely amazing - the lads were fantastic and played along with the mystery of is it really them? They helped complete the most spectacular charity evening I've ever been to... everyone's still buzzing!!! Thank you - a million thank you's

Bloody awesome!!!

Sergio Petrucci

Account Director / Sunderland UK


Weddings by FRANC

Hi Mark, Damien was great with the Robots,

The Daft Punk Tribute DJ’s went down a treat and finally the band were just super, the best I’ve in a long time…we will definitely be looking for all of them again!

Kind regards,

Darragh Quinn

General Manager

Franc Events

Co. Cork



From: "Semple, Ian"

To: Suzy Cousins <suzy@audionetworks.ie>

Hi Suzy – short note to say thank you for all your help with our party

We have had amazing feedback on Daft Punk Tribute – I hope they all enjoyed the night.

I would be happy to add a recommendation for them?

Ian Semple | AMAZON


 German MUSIK festival  

Hi Daniela,

The show was really great! The tent in which they played in was packed and still more and more people arrived to watch Daft Punk Tribute play. After their show the two stayed in the grounds for a good while and looked absolutely thrilled.

I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Many greetings from the Feel crew.

  1. A. Felix Walter


Luís Leal - Festas na Praia, Portugal

We loved Daft Punk tribute.

Daft Punk DJ's are wonderful people. I really want to appreciate to Sara also. The fact that she speaks in portuguese is very helpful.

Please send us more artists that you have on your rooster. Next year we want to work with you guys again.


Luís Leal


The Daft Punk Tribute act was the best and most original aspect of our entire event and we couldn't be any happier about their performance!


Subject: Re: daftpunktribute.ie | Luttrellstown castle, castleknock, Dublin 15 |

It went really well. Everybody was chuffed with the surprise.  Some of our friends got some great videos! The place was rocking!

Thanks a mill,

Helen McFerran

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